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PlasticPrintShop is your online ID card one-stop-shop. Here you can create great looking ID cards in minutes. Our site provides you with powerful features that allow you to immediately create high-quality cards, and we’ve made ordering online for you quick and easy.

We can create custom, professional ID card & badges for any job you do. Our ID cards & badges are the same size and feel the same as a credit card. Customize the card with any information that you want, plus you can add your photo, edit, save, and order. It’s that easy. We also have a wide variety of existing layouts available, or we can work with you to create something totally unique to you and your company. Contact us now and we'll put together a custom, professional ID card & badge to meet your specific needs.

Professional Services

  • You'll have peace of mind knowing you can trust our products and services. We tailor packages to meet and exceed your expectations in background screening, drug testing, advanced interfacing, and superior services.

  • Background Screening

    Plastic Print Shop provides comprehensive background screening services necessary in today's business environment. We can address and meet the diverse needs of any organization. We develop packages and offer single searches based on your request and hiring guidelines. Our level of accuracy, consistency, speed and quality allow for information you can trust from a services provider that values your partnership. more >

  • Drug Screening.

    Recent studies indicate that drug abuse is once again on the rise. Three out of four chronic drug abusers are currently employed. This trend is alarming for today’s businesses as it’s a well accepted fact that drug abusers are less productive, more prone to injury and have higher absentee rates. more >

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PlasticPrintShop is your online ID card one-stop-shop.

Flexible layout options. Create cards instantly by using existing layouts, or rapidly and simply create your own customized layout.

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Plastic Print Shop is an online ID card solution for allows you to create great looking photo ID cards in minutes.

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Selection of ready ID badge templates to choose from: corporate, press, service dog ID cards, and blank ones.

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